Billing FAQs


Why do I have two bills?

You will be billed for the physician visit, from Tri-Cities Gastroenterology, and for a facility charge for the procedure from Tri-Cities Endoscopy.

Why do both of my bills have the same codes on them but show two different charges?

The codes on your bills give specific information to the insurance company. The different charges are for the services provided by the doctor and for the use of the facility during your procedure.

Do I have to pay the balance on each bill?

We file insurance with both the physician and the facility, and if there is a balance left on either or both statements, you will be responsible for payment.

How do you know what the insurance company pays and what I pay?

We will file your insurance and, if we have a contract with them, we only bill you for the amount the insurance company tells us is your responsibility as the patient.

Do you notify my insurance that I am going to have a procedure?

Yes; we call and check benefits for you. We let you known at that time if there is a problem with your insurance. We also make sure a pre-certification is done if you need one prior to your procedure.

Will Medicare cover my colonoscopy?

If you have never had a colonoscopy before and are not having a problem, Medicare will cover a screening colonoscopy. If you are having a problem, Medicare will cover that also.

Will the doctor take what Medicare pays?

We will accept Medicare payments, and file any secondary insurance, if you have that. If you have a balance left due to a deductible or the insurance company tells us that you owe a balance, you will be billed that balance.

Do I have to pay what is left from my insurance company in full or can I make payments?

You do not have to pay the full amount all at once, as long as you make regular monthly payments.

Do I have to make a set payment amount each month?

You can pay more or less each month as needed, as long as the payments are made monthly.

What happens if I am not able to make a payment?

If you are not able to make a payment, please call our office so we can work out a payment plan with you.

Will the doctor still see me if I don’t have insurance?

Yes, but you need to talk to the billing office so that payment arrangements can be made.

Does my insurance require a referral?

Some insurance companies require a referral. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance carrier to see if a referral is required to see a specialist.

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