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Stomach Pain

Know When to Visit Your Gastroenterologist

What is Gastroenterology?

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 60 to 70 million people are affected by digestive disorders. Digestive problems are common in the United States due to poor diet, high stress, and other environmental factors. Learn more about gastroenterology, aches, cramps, pains and when it is probably a good time to visit one of the Tri-Cities Gastroenterology.

Gastroenterology is the wing of medicine that specifically deals with problems related to a person’s stomach or intestines. Doctors who specialize in gastroenterology are concerned with everything that happens after your food begins to digest and break down in the stomach. Common disorders that gastroenterologists like Dr. Braden treat include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcers, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer. They use tests like colonoscopies and endoscopies to examine the inner workings of the intestines, colon, and stomach.


When to Visit Your Gastroenterologist

People sometimes experience stomach pain and cramping when they go to the bathroom, but if the pain is so severe that it interferes with your life or is difficult to manage, then it’s time to schedule an appointment at our office in Kingsport, TN for stomach pain. Here are a few other specific symptoms that may indicate it’s time to visit his office for a consultation:

  • Problems swallowing your food

  • Severe heartburn and regurgitation of acid after eating 

  • Vomiting 

  • Constipation that lasts for multiple days

  • Reoccurring diarrhea

  • Blood in the stool or leaking from the rectum

  • Sudden weight loss

Schedule a Visit Today 

When experiencing symptoms like the ones described above or general stomach pain, Kingsport, TN residents are encouraged to call Tri-Cities Gastroenterology to schedule an appointment for a checkup as soon as possible. It’s best to catch and treat digestive or intestinal problems early -- chances are that there’s a straightforward solution to the issue that will finally give you some relief.

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